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               The True Story of Cinderella                  One of the most unbelievable stories ever told

The Life of Saint Germaine Cousin




This is the official promotional video campaign to help launch the completion of the motion picture: GERMAINE: Requiem of a soul. ALL money goes toward production costs. You can help us begin the initiative by purchasing our products listed below. We do not accept donations, but encourage people to purchase the saint Germaine book, featured on the left, as well as movies, documentaries that we have produced not to mention the chaplets. PLEASE HELP create a most beautiful and inspiring movie about the life of Saint Germaine Cousin.

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          $2,000                                                               $12,500                                                        $25,000
            Expect 14 day delivery to Quebec & France                 

Image of Germaine painted by William Adolphe Bouguereau, Shepherdess 1891


1. A paradox: We are ready to let our children believe in fairy Godmothers, but not in angels? Read GERMAINE: REQUIEM OF A SOUL/The True Story of Cinderella. This life-transforming book will touch your soul to the core, shake its very foundation.--David James

2. If life whispers the bitter truth of approaching death, what then do we believe in? What is it that we choose to hold on to? Will it give us the solace we seek? Or will it leave us dry, for the end is nigh? Or will it only be then that we call upon our guardian angel, having neglected its constant beckoning most of our lives. The book: GERMAINE: REQUIEM OF A SOUL/The True Story of Cinderella will touch your soul so deeply, that you will be unable to resist calling out to God and His angels, for indeed you will come to realize that the mystical world you have failed to see and taste actually surrounds you. DB

3. This book inspires, shocks, and moves. The introduction says it all: this true tale has an important moral stance concerning spiritual submission and suffering that outweighs the slightly misplaced focus of the classic fairy tale Cinderella. Here instead, this young maiden's story is quite humbling, and even the religiously lukewarm can’t help but empathize with Germaine’s suffering or recognize themselves in the sins of the other townspeople. ED

4. I read the story of Germaine; it did not disappoint; once I started, it was hard to put down. I have often wrestled with and contemplated Isaiah 53:7.  How did Our Lord do that, how can we follow Our Lord?  Germaine helps to show us, her innocent trust was nurtured from heaven, we have nothing to fear, what a witness for the rest of us! "KMD

5. People would get a lot out of this book if they read it instead of watching Walt Disney's version of Cinderella. This book will help many souls on the path to holiness and heaven." Richard Raos

6. As promised, I read or rather "devoured" the book (French translation) that Jean Michel gave me at the store. This book reminds me of one of those I read that dealt with "The hidden life of Jesus". This one could have been entitled: "The hidden life of Germaine". Thanks to the imagination of the author, I think we understand a little better the tormented life lived by "the little shepherdess" ... Her life was a real way of the cross . Reading the book, I had the impression to live in the time of Germaine, and see her live ... to live with her, as the details and precisions seem real and captivate the reader. The author allows us to better discover and understand the life of Germaine ... despite his percolating imagination. I enjoyed the relationship with some Scripture passages. Are the homilies really those of the priest of the time? They are still relevant and challenge the reader. Here is the main takeaway ... It's a tale, but that reveals "between the lines" part of "truth" that only Germaine knows. She was certainly at the origin of this idea, and waited more than 450 years for an "inspired" man to write such a novel .. Congratulations for this book that deserves to be broadcast. French friend of Saint Germaine, from the region of Corse in France who read the French translation.


Read an excerpt from the book--CHAPTER-8

Suddenly, from the woods emerged a pack of wolves, their movements predatory, their postures, hostile; they could smell an easy prey, and so advanced swiftly but covertly. Looking down hungrily at the sheep, the leader picked up on an opportunity as he could not see any shepherd. Promptly, he called to his pack, which eagerly surrounded him within seconds, hungry for the hunt. The pack leader, the largest of the wolves, surveyed the scene and saw Germaine’s motionless body lying in the snow. As the pack approached her body, the leader moved forward, drawing nearer to the girl, his predatory instincts heightened. St. Michael the archangel, visibly present by her side, his sword and shield clearly evident, caused the wolf to cower to the ground, recognizing the superior entity from a previous encounter. The wolf avoided the angel’s glance, keeping his head directed towards the ground, remembering the terrifying look the angel had cast upon him when he first attempted to attack Germaine, several weeks before. The instinct to run had been deadened, replaced instead by a submissive crouch that forced his jaw to ground. At the slightest gesture of this mighty angelic warrior, the leader, with his entire pack behind him, crept forward, moving no longer in the direction of a prey, but rather toward a precious, freezing child at the silent command of the angel. As animals do, in severe cold, they gathered together, tightly huddled, to conserve warmth. In an exceptional way, however, they enclosed the unconscious shepherdess in their midst, in order to tightly cuddle her with their warm bodies. The wolves took turns on the outside of the circle to form a shield so as to bear the brunt of the wind.

The leader, the one who should have led the kill, instead took up his place at Germaine’s feet, his jaw to the ground directly beside her frostbitten toes. To no one did this predatory beast ever submit, but here, at the helpless little girl’s feet. It was at the silent command of the angel, that this normally dominant pack leader met his match. Instead of devouring the girl and her sheep, he instead lay still, and with his very breath, warmed her feet.

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